Thursday, July 23, 2009

some progress?

Maybe! I had a great session working on 'Lammas' Celtic holiday today, soon all the area where I taped the charts together will be done, then it's her hair and face to do (which are Autumn's), and then I can just work off Spring's chart. So far I really like how the colors are turning out- it reminds me of a Braeburn apple or an autumn forest- so well suited for this holiday. She works up fast compared to Pearls- probably cuz the Celtics are so familiar to me by now lol!
Pearls is still on the Qs, but is getting too big to drag around, so that's a good sign. I still do drag her around, to work, to my in-laws & wherever, just cuz I hate sitting and doing nothing or watching tv- I HAVE to have something to work on or read at the same time. And at work, the stitching helps keep me sane cuz I do that instead of eat cookies and hear gossip at breaktime. A few minutes to think my own thoughts is a blessing! but I think I'll take Lammas to work tomorrow since she packs smaller than Pearls, and lugging the big case gets old. Ppl think I'm dragging a laptop around when it's really just stitchin lol. For now, gonna try to get enuf progress for a pic by next week..


MysteryKnitter said...

Take your time. Pictures can wait.