Monday, September 28, 2015

Mission: IS Possible

And that was the theme of last week and the weekend. I'm happy to report that I revamped several conversions, researched and found or ordered beads for several conversions- now just waiting to recieve them to know for sure if they will work in thier intended projects; and even started a new one.    Samhain got to tag along to the lns and hopefully a different fiber will work for her shawl- If not, then it's a revamp of her in a different direction- I swear none of the others have been so challenging as her! Maybe my cat cursed it when she shredded the first wip of it.... Makes a person wonder lol! But whatever the outcome of the infamous shawl, Im beyond tickled with her beads, and cant wait for that part of the process. However she's currently on standby in favor of her newly arrived sister...
Now, Lithia was supposed to be Summer, as charted and just the words changed. But while I love those colors of her, it just didnt represent the holiday of Summer Soltice very well. This has bugged me for some years, which is why she has the least done of all the starts in the set. Berries and purples are beautiful, but they just kept giving me a hangup to work on her for the Lithia.  Welll, I shall save that wip for future something else cuz it's too beautiful to not do, eventually mind you ;) , and in the meantime, the new vision is much more inspired to be a tailored fit for the holiday. Hmm, this now makes the Beltane the only one to keep her original colors!
 Lithia as well got all her beads and for the the first time in forever I actually have a new start, her fabric is 28ct "Tile Blue" Jazlyn. I will include a sneak peak of her soon as I get some real progress on her- currently she's just a blob and not very interesting, so I'd best rectify the situation...
 Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, September 21, 2015


I had big plans for this weekend on how much progress was to happen- only to watch that idea mock me as the weekend went by. My fault on that cuz paints took me hostage Saturday evening instead of threads..see the bottom of this post to see what I was doodling Saturday nite, should curiousity get you lol. Still, there was a bit of stitchy time and Samhain got it. She needed, (and still does regarding her shawl) some frogging and fixing in the borders and motifs, which now I can say line up as they should. I also beefed up the Raven so he didnt look so small but he still needs some detailing. Probably the most noticable progress was all the gold added- for whatever reason once I get that done the rest moves quckly ( well for me anyway lol) and her goal now is to have enough done so that I can figure out the rest of the conversion, find her shawl colors and the beads she'll need. It'd be nice to do that in one trip if possible, so the lns looms in the distance as a goal. Lol such motivation ;)...
  So here she is, and now I must go see how IHSW went for everyone else. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

So,,,,, it's been awhile

and I have a bit of progress to report and hope also to catch up on what's going on in Blogger-land. This Lovely Lady's post was on my blog newsfeed this morning so I had to investigate... If you havent yet, check her out  she makes gorgeous fibers, cute charts and fabric, and does alot of giveaways, some are going on right now so best of luck to the entries!
The garden has exploded the last couple weeks and every other day it's been canning something or other- winter is going to seem shorter having a bit of summer in the pantry ;). But it's also seriously crunched any stitchy time.
  In stitchin, Lammas was getting her lettering but needs to be moved on her qsnaps, instead I dug out Arwen & Aragorn, and as you see he's had some work done on his armor, which is my goal to finish that section this round. Pretty straightforward stuff, no confetti but alot of metallics. They've taken over as the travel project so will be sticking around for awhile. The call of beading is strong so Im trying to finish areas on them in order to add some bling, and there just arent enough hours in a day........But today the garden is silent, it's somewhat misty and so therefore Im spending the day with the Royal couple and see about some progress beyond the "before" picture....

an update,,, here is the "during"

and finally, the goal met! His armor is done and now just the cape and boots to do for him. He is 98% metallics for what you see here, only his skin, hair and the red shirt are floss, and a bit of floss in the chain mail, so it was a marathon effort lol! The backstitching really pops it up I think....Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 17, 2015

World Stitching Day and IHSW Part I

Friday being World Stitch Day I made great efforts to get some threads sunk into Samhain. The frog managed to drop by, so I had alot of catching up to do to fix it, and not all of it is yet but the wording is done and that was my goal. I plan to take her to a lns to see what hand-dyeds will work better for her shawl, if any exist lol. Oranges and purples together doesnt seem to be a popular combo in fibers.

  Then for IHSW Lammas was to get a session for her letters and I didnt quite get them all done but she'll stick around till they are. After that, I'm not sure which project to work on or if it'll still be these 2. They are still small enough to travel and with school starting soon there'll be opportunities to work on them rather than waiting bored out of my skull.
   I'm just not sure, I'm ready for something to be finished but then again I'm not cuz they wind up in a drawer for so long afterwards (Beltane & Mediterranean Mermaid are still waiting for frames :/ ) But that's a good winter project that this winter will hopefully take care of. One of these days I should take inventory of all the "more than half-finished wips" and go from there. For now though, it's off to see how IHSW went for everybody else.... :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Celtic Ladies

Well it seems Im taken hostage by these beauties once more. Samhain is now on a set of Qs and her lettering is underway, as is Lammas'. Lammas had to let one of her sisters get a session though but she's staying on a Q's cuz I'll be getting back to her shortly. Dont they look well together?

At the moment, Samhain was calling for her special additions, so since I had most of the afternoon to spend on it, am happy to say Samhain has all her features added in. Though I do love the cat that others have done, cats are from a later time period than what my Celtic ladies feature.  My choice for her is the Raven- long associated with the Spirit realm and mysticism in the Celtic regions and since Samhain is all about spirits and ancestors that is what I will have for her. She also carries a pumpkin, and thanks to today's progress Im farther along than the first time I did this Lady and my real cat shredded her in a jealous fit that I was gone working too much. The only issue I have is with her shawl, I think the brown dmc just blahs the overdyed thread Im using for it so tomorrow when the light is better I'll play around with better options or scrap the idea if nothing looks right. But I think a better color might save it (and alot of frogging lol) and I really want it for the border so there's my motivation lol. Thanks for stoppin by :)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

a small update

Lol bear with me, Ive been doing alot of posts lately it seems. Today's features the update of Lammas, and with the fiddly stuff figured out, it's all about progress now the rest is smooth sailing. 
Since taking this pic she has had more done on the gown, a mere drop in the bucket when I think of all the acres of skirt lol. But these work up quickly so it's not so noticable that they're also huge. She'll continue to be the focus for awhile, there are others waiting thier turn but I want more done on her first... 
After her progress is enough I may start the last of the set, which is Yule, if I have fabric that will work for her. If not, I plan to get out another that needs attention from this set. They've waited long enough already...! 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Progress report!

So, Lammas has awakened finally, as you see she's got her face on. I have to hand it to MLI and Nora, they do create beautiful faces. Now that all that over-one is done, Im looking forward to normal sized stitching and complete more of her outfit and hair.
Also here is an update on MLG, though it's harder to see the progress on this one cuz it was all confetti, it's still a victory that some of the flowers are done. I love this wip, but it's very much like an impressionist painting- lots of little bits of color but all together they are stunning. She's so vibrant in real life.