Thursday, June 16, 2016

June and the monsoon...

Late again it seems, with an update :/ ! It seems videos are easier to do so thats been what my updates are lately.. But here it has been very hot n humid, followed by thunderstorms every day for over a week here. Perhaps it is monsoon season and El Nino is at work again...? So needless to say with such a scrambled routine there's been no horse training, no gardening, and no work happening that cant be done inside shelter in between deluges. We're rather rained out but I know it makes stuff grow, and July can be very dry so hopefully this acts as insurance...
  Anyway, with so much indoor time I did get to some stitching :D so there was rejoicing in that cuz I have alot of catching up to do. Last month was The Maynia event, which was to start 15 projects during the first 15 days of May, in the Stitch Maynia facebook group. It was alot of fun, although I did not start 15 things. As fun as it was, the challenge for me was to put the new start aside in order to start the next new one- I am used to and prefer to, spending more time on new starts when I get to have them. Now that June is here I hope to spend more time on a couple of the starts that I did do in Maynia. One of them being Mirabilias Sleeping Beauty, stitched on 28ct opal linen by Silkweavers, I hope it works out for her, I should know in the next couple hours of progress if it will or not...

        And then there was also the Snowflower Diaries collection that got started, this one is March. And why it was chosen is simply cuz I had enough colors to do so, but I still need to get some colors for the others in the set. They are so cute!
  The main focus has been a design of my own, and she is the Pocketwatch Pixie. Right now Im waiting for her kreiniks and beads but once they arrive I hope to push her to a finish. She has several sisters that are waiting in the wings so this needs to happen. Here is what she currently looks like, and Id say the hard stuff is done, only her skirt, wings and the watch are left.
  June also features Summer Soltice so Lithia is due to make an appearence for that. True to the nature of the LLCeltics, she'll probably capture my attention for awhile so Im just planning for it now ;).
 Hopefully June has a ton of progress to show at the end, keeping my fingers crossed for that anyway... and now since it is currently raining, again, I hope to see what has been going on in the blogging world since Ive been absent...
  Thanks for stopping by :)

Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Update

So much happened this spring as far as the stitchin was concerned! For one, the world of Flosstube on youtube is a daily growing thing, and I just keep finding more and more people to discover on there! It's also where the majority of my progress has been posted, which sadly means blogging took a hit for awhile, but I hope to keep up with the 2 ventures.
  But should anyone be interested, here is the link to my channel there  Kowgirlkate Paints Aplenty
and there are plenty of awesome needleworkers to be found on youtube if you search "flosstube" on the searchbar of that site.
 But back to blogging lol. March was a spectacular month of working on the LL Celtics, Ireland and Scotland were the main focus peices, and Lithia got her skin finished, and Samhain got her beads figured out. Ireland had the most progress of all, all the beads in the top motifs are completed, and the horse is finished except for his legs and tail, so that was a major win. Scotland had a major frogging session and a bit of a rechart on the horse there, but all got fixed and sorted and ready for the next session. Of course pictures are needed lol!

Funnily enough, Easter was in March and I didnt work on Ostara, how pathetic is that lol. I had thought about it, but every qsnap I owned was full and for a one day thing, well it just didnt happen. I decided instead to finally start the Merida that day since the fabric mystery was over and I had made a choice what she would get. I do love working on her! The fractionals arent near as bad as what I thought, they are mainly in her belts and her hair, and looking at the other patterns they have some but nothing too serious. And there's hardly any confetti from what Ive studied the charts so far, blended threads yes, but the only confettie is very mild where 2 symbols meet, in order to make the transition look smoother. Very do-able, not like a HAED or TW. I do know that since I am doing mine on 28ct that I will need full size (11 o) beads instead of Petites, which is fine. But here is a pic, and she is on 28ct "Vintage" lugana from my lns, so Im guessing that's from Wichelt or Zweigart cuz they dont order from hand-dyed fabric dyers like Steph or Leslie and such. The color is a cool (not warm) tones similar to DMC 842. And here is Merida so far.
Now that April is here I have so many plans that I hope to get going on before warm weather puts a crimp on my stitching time. I still have big plans and hopes that stitching wont suffer this year though.... Thanks for stopping by :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

MLI's "Celtic Summer" as Mabon/Arwen Conversion by Kate Frederick

Several people have asked me for the notes on this conversion. It was on some older cross stitch message boards but rather than sending people wandering all over the internet or dealing with links or whatnot that may lead nowhere, I have decided to put her here so I always know where to find her, and how to help other people who have asked for the info. You will need the chart of Lavender and Lace "Celtic Summer" by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum to complete the project, but here is the info of the colors I used. I do grant permission for this post entry to be printed off as people need. Always remember to credit the designer and respect copyrights :)      Enjoy! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

A request. ... Imbolc Hood Rechart

Since I was requested for the LL Celtic rechart of the Hood from my Imbolc conversion, here it is, and I do grant permission for people to print this post for thier own use. Ive seen it floating about the Internet, pinterest, etc. But the original site it was on doesn't link to it anymore, unbeknownst to me till today. I don't have a website  so here is where I will keep it for the time being. You will need the chart of Lavender and Lace "Celtic Spring" to finish this project.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fab Feb...

and now it's here. Start-itis is still running rampant around here, but I have specific days for specific new starts in Feb, so no pics of those just yet, but the final new start for January was a cutesy kitty design that will be gifted on
It is sweet and the specialty stitches are always fun. Hopefully it doesnt take long either.
Plans for Feb? Typically it usually is a "finish it" month, but then Ive never been very good about that, so.... hmmm. For what it's worth I did get out the box of wips that have major progress, and maybe one of those could be a contender, but Im not doing any pressure. Since January seemed to focus on HAEDs, Im turning some attention to a different style of project.
Which brings me to my latest discovery and actual excitement to start a project, and they are the Hannah-Alexander Mucha Disney Princesses. Huge, lots of bling, and the quarter stitches/backstitching level of a TW project, but oh the beauties that they are! What I dont like is they are limited editions, boo. Merida and Esmeralda are my favs so it is they who will get the green light. 
I was hoping to start them in a couple weeks but another bomb got dropped in my stitchy universe, and that was a post that HAED might soon drop Laurie Prindle as one of thier artists. Now I suffered to learn afterwards that Nene Thomas was gone, and so many charts I hadnt gotten of hers, that I swore I would not repeat that scenario if I could possibly avoid it! So, if you happen to be a fan of Prindle's gorgeous horses, get em while you can! It would be so great if charts were not limited editions or unavailable, cuz so many times that's happened that I cant get one I just love. 
It has been quite a journey so far in 2016, and I really look forward to what all I can make out of Feb.... but wish me luck anyway ;)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

HAEDs and Guilt-Free January

So here it goes, the Challenge on fb was successfully done and here is the pic of "Gypsy Firefly" done as instructed, and the pic has the fabric info so wont repeat it here....
Since then there has been a bit more progress and Im keeping it in the go tote for easy access. The other HAEDs that have been enjoying progress are "The Gloaming" by Maxine Gadd, and the New start of "Scale" by Anna Dittman.....
Gloaming is on 22ct Hardanger 'Dusk' from Picture this Plus, and is 2 over 1 Tent stitch. I am only doing the Vampire, and not the background, so just got a hand-dyed fabric for her. This is 4 hours progress and she too will stay in the go tote for awhile. Being the fabric says not to wash it, I cant use a quilt marker to keep my place, so Im using a brown sewing machine thread to grid it and it disappears under the floss so I dont even have to bother taking it out at the end. I might switch to a white thread for her face areas though, so as to save the hassle of removing it. Works for me ;)

Scale is barely started, and her fabric is 25ct Ivory lugana, stitched 2 over 1 Tent stitch. Already Ive run into acres of white stitches for this project, so Im hoping it will be a faster go of it. Since I plan to live to be 300 years old anyway ;). 
Several other Heaven and Earth Designs are slowly being kitted as Im able, though they are huge projects I have to give them credit it's only threads and fabric needed so very basic to kit up; yet they pack such a punch. I am finding they're also getting easier the more time I get to spend on them, and also having them on different fabrics has been educational cuz luckily I enjoy the differences too. There are several here on 28ct though that are rather scary cuz that seems super tiny to me, but they are heirlooms so I must conquer that qualm... Hopefully next round they will have joined the party and scored some progress... 
thanks for visiting, now I must see what bloggers have been up to...!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Guilt Free January... and HAEDs

has been here for nearly 3 weeks and I havent indulged! What is wrong with me??
 But what has been happening is a bit of organization, alot of planning, and alot of revisiting old WIPs that havent been played with since the move. Specifically the HAEDs and to a greater degree the TWs, have been sadly boxed since moving 3 years ago. Now with all the challenges on fb at least the Haeds are coming back to life, but the TWs are still waiting thier turn, hopefully the box comes off the shelf this week.
The Haed bug has bit hard, currently Gypsy Firefly is getting attention for the challenge. Nocturne is also on deck, and of course there's Winter Wings which has the most progress. Im no stranger to having Haeds, but working on them is becoming easier now that Ive made a stitchy place, and will be even better when I get a stand for the magnifyer light.
 In the midst of all this HAEDness are the ones from Kirsten that she never got to finish, and there are several. It was my goal this week to get them sorted and organized, and so far Queen of Hearts is ready to go. I hope it will be a smooth transition to pick up a project where someone left off, but she was very good at keeping her charts highlighted, so there's alot of hope. Next post I hope to include some pics of all this thread enmasse, and hopefully have some new starts to report... Thanks for stopping by!