Monday, November 23, 2015


has been unleashed! Tango doesnt seem to mind but I was freezing.
This was our first snowstorm of the season and dumped 8" on us, here in this pic it had only been snowing for an hour. All this wintery blast makes a person wanna hibernate with threads for insullation lol. So that's just what I tried to do. Samhain has gotten a bit of time, and now Arwen/Aragorn are out to see what progress they will get, and so far it's green dress this round. So the Celtics seem to be holding steady for all this switching over of projects, and I havent gotten bit yet by xmas stitching but the snow is helping with that. There are some xmas patterns in the stash Ive been waiting forever to do, but havent kitted yet, and hopefully this xmas season wont be so flipping nuts like usual. I would love to actually be able to start xmas projects in the holiday season but it never works out that way. Why is that?? And what do I need to do to counter it?? Lol having them kitted would help alot, and be far easier to grab and go when there is such an opportunity, but kitting xmas stuff isnt much fun out of season, which is why I hardly do. So we'll see on that front, but mostly it's just there's too much rush in Dec and it'd be great to slow it down and enjoy. That's my goal for this year- and not get caught up in all the storms the season brings, weather or otherwise ;) 

I will follow the herd's example and find a happy cozy place with some good company and noms to enjoy. I hope to have some progress pics soon to share! In the meantime, I better go keep the herd happy and warm and fed so I can enjoy the same myself!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time for a change. ..

Only to what precisely?
I've met the goal for the HAED challenge, and thought it would be great to start a new one. Only so much over 1 has me not interested in more of the same. At least for tonight because of the poor lighting in here. Still, mornings are great to get a little done, and there's several I really want to launch, maybe in a few weeks.
     For now, it's a good guess what will get some attention. The Mirabilias, the Chatelaines, and there's always the Celtic ladies vying for a chance.
   My brain is tired because of long days on the farm, and training Tango the Mustang has been the most relaxing thing all week.  (Lol the HAED was confetti, so not very relaxing at that; ) ) So with the challenge taken care of, I will take a break from the genre till it slows up a bit round here.
  But to choose is the best part. ..

Saturday, November 7, 2015

kitting adventures....

 I try to visit a great lns a couple times a year. This store was having a XMAS sale today and lots of good bargains to be had! But what does this girl walk out with? Halloween stuff! I know that sounds too funny but Im still in Halloween mode and I found several things I'd been waiting for so what the heck. My xmas stitching mode hits after Thanksgiving, (and for a brief time in July) so until then I dont worry about xmas stitching cuz it's just for fun anyway.This store didnt have the xmas charts I was hunting for so I switched holidays. My hope is that I can start some of these new Halloween projects very soon, and if not then I'll save em for Guilt Free January. My other main purchase was some 25ct hand-dyed fabric for HAED's "Lirielle" by Nene Thomas, because Im not doing the background on that one- pages of the same color would drive me insane. However I will have to sew a grid on this one, cuz of the fabric and not doing the background. Sigh, but it shouldnt take long. Gridding is NOT my favorite thing, but an absolute must for haeds and other big projects like that. I'll get her floss when there's a sale.
 I've been in a stash collecting mode, the last few years havent allowed much of that so I need to catch up, and the discovery of no more Nene HAEDs was a bummer! I dont want to find myself in that pickle again, but at least with the Nene's she's doing it herself on her website. I just wish there were 'crop' options rather than doing the whole giant project cuz it's alot of background before you even reach the lady.
  The new HAEDs have been tough to decide who should be kitted, each is so beautiful, and I must say they pack so much punch being only floss and fabric and huge besides, yet so simple to do. Many smaller projects are so much more expensive.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

HAED challenge

 And so there's this week's progress on HAED "Winter Wings " by Nene Thomas. I am really impressed with how the owl is coming to life! I hadn't expected him to be as large as he is,  nor so detailed. However that effect comes with a confetti price tag lol. I also printed off the next few pages in the hopes of avoiding page lines on the project itself, and to speed things up a bit with the background instead of confetti owl.
    My new charts will be shipped soon so once they come i hope to start kitting a start as a reward for completing this  challenge. But which one remains to be seen. ...

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloween progress...

So my Halloween plans did come to fruition, at least a bit if not all. I did get to a lns and had a wonderful day with my new freind Alice. We had lots of Halloween stash to chose from and brought some new patterns and such home. I didnt get a chance to start anything new over the weekend, but look forward to that day when something witchy needs to be kitted. As it were, Samhain was calling louder than a new start so she was the focus. She has more border done, the motifs are beginning to get thier colors worked out, and so much frogging done of her shawl that had the wrong colors. I chose a different overdyed fiber for that, and you can see it in the border and a bit next to her skirt. These colors seem to work better against the Needlepaints, but there again, if it werent for the deep cold blackish purples of this floss I would ditch for something else. Having done so many of MLI's Ladies I figured it would only be fitting to use her fibers in at least one of them ( I have 2 with them) but I am finding I have to be very particular with the tension to get adequate coverage ( this fabric is 28ct lugana) The very darkest shade has been testy and if I didnt have so much done already I would add another strand for better coverage. But onward and let's continue forward.  

The next area of focus will be the shawl, and after that section is farther along it will time to move the scrolls and get serious about the borders. I'm anxious to bead those up so best step it up a notch. The other project Ive been dabbling at is the HAED "100 Stitches Challenge" from the new fb group. I had a few I wanted to start but in the end it was "Winter Wings" that won out. I would like to finishthe first page of it and that would put me well over the requirements. Currently Im bogged down in confetti of the owl, but it is cool seeing it start to actually look like something. I will take pics onceI get his head done... For now I better go see what my Mustang is up to, so I can stitch some this afternoon before the good light fades....

Sunday, October 25, 2015

mish mash

Fall is in all it's glory here, which always gets me in the winter prep for stitching mode! Cold outside/cosy inside means alot more opportunity for stitching and I am very much looking forward to it! That said I try to do some kitting of new projects so that I can have some new starts in January, or whenever, which always leads to alot of browsing websites, facebook groups, and blogs for inspiration. Speaking of blogs, the talented Nancy over at Victorian motto sampler shoppe is having more giveaways and getting everyone in the fun of the season. Her threads are just gorgeous and I hope to buy some after xmas.
 What I have been up to, is the sale at HAED, and discovering Paine Free Craft's site and all the lovelies they have to offer. I havent worked on my Haeds since moving to the new house, for I dont have any place to set up my big mag light. I really should get a floor stand or wheels stand for it! But am gonna try to putter along till then with the little cheapo one. From the Haed sale, I was gifted a RAK by a fellow blogger (hugs!!) and hope they enjoy thiers as much as I will, with a happy little thought or prayer for them in each stitch. That's alot of good vibes isnt it ;). I also added Ex Machina, Fallen Angel, Priya and a couple I cant remember the names of. Since getting back to Haeds though, I was so disappointed to learn Nene Thomas is no longer offered there. Gah, she was my main collection and there were so many I hadnt gotten. Who knows what the future holds so Im gonna do my best to not find myself in that position again, Still wish I had known :/ And it seems I need to get batteries for the light, but at least I did get the charts organized, some anyway.
  Anyway, stitching for real has seen a little progress, mostly on Samhain but not enough to warrant a progress pic yet. This week promises a stitchy adventure with a sassy lady named Alice and we aim to go on a lns tour which will be amazing to run amuck in. Im hoping to find some fun Halloween things to play with on the holiday for my new tradition...

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A mini little finish

which really didnt take alot of time and was simple, but packs a cute punch. It is the biscornu from Judy Odell, to match the Nessaire I completed awhile back, also designed by her.  these made great little travel projects to take along cuz there were few color changes and a simplistic design. Im really tempted to do another colorway, but not right now. Samhain is back in progress and I hope to get something significant done on her before Halloween passes us by...! I've been rather tired at night due to a major new "project" Ive taken on, the full details can be seen here but it is vastly hugely rewarding...   Tango's Story     Once the initial training is done, my time will free up more for stitching again. In the meantime, enjoy these pics of Judy's wonderful designing, and thanks for stopping by :)

Now if only The Celtic Ladies would work up as fast.... sigh lol