Sunday, February 7, 2016

A request. ... Imbolc Hood Rechart

Since I was requested for the LL Celtic rechart of the Hood from my Imbolc conversion, here it is, and I do grant permission for people to print this post for thier own use. Ive seen it floating about the Internet, pinterest, etc. But the original site it was on doesn't link to it anymore, unbeknownst to me till today. I don't have a website  so here is where I will keep it for the time being. You will need the chart of Lavender and Lace "Celtic Spring" to finish this project.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Fab Feb...

and now it's here. Start-itis is still running rampant around here, but I have specific days for specific new starts in Feb, so no pics of those just yet, but the final new start for January was a cutesy kitty design that will be gifted on
It is sweet and the specialty stitches are always fun. Hopefully it doesnt take long either.
Plans for Feb? Typically it usually is a "finish it" month, but then Ive never been very good about that, so.... hmmm. For what it's worth I did get out the box of wips that have major progress, and maybe one of those could be a contender, but Im not doing any pressure. Since January seemed to focus on HAEDs, Im turning some attention to a different style of project.
Which brings me to my latest discovery and actual excitement to start a project, and they are the Hannah-Alexander Mucha Disney Princesses. Huge, lots of bling, and the quarter stitches/backstitching level of a TW project, but oh the beauties that they are! What I dont like is they are limited editions, boo. Merida and Esmeralda are my favs so it is they who will get the green light. 
I was hoping to start them in a couple weeks but another bomb got dropped in my stitchy universe, and that was a post that HAED might soon drop Laurie Prindle as one of thier artists. Now I suffered to learn afterwards that Nene Thomas was gone, and so many charts I hadnt gotten of hers, that I swore I would not repeat that scenario if I could possibly avoid it! So, if you happen to be a fan of Prindle's gorgeous horses, get em while you can! It would be so great if charts were not limited editions or unavailable, cuz so many times that's happened that I cant get one I just love. 
It has been quite a journey so far in 2016, and I really look forward to what all I can make out of Feb.... but wish me luck anyway ;)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

HAEDs and Guilt-Free January

So here it goes, the Challenge on fb was successfully done and here is the pic of "Gypsy Firefly" done as instructed, and the pic has the fabric info so wont repeat it here....
Since then there has been a bit more progress and Im keeping it in the go tote for easy access. The other HAEDs that have been enjoying progress are "The Gloaming" by Maxine Gadd, and the New start of "Scale" by Anna Dittman.....
Gloaming is on 22ct Hardanger 'Dusk' from Picture this Plus, and is 2 over 1 Tent stitch. I am only doing the Vampire, and not the background, so just got a hand-dyed fabric for her. This is 4 hours progress and she too will stay in the go tote for awhile. Being the fabric says not to wash it, I cant use a quilt marker to keep my place, so Im using a brown sewing machine thread to grid it and it disappears under the floss so I dont even have to bother taking it out at the end. I might switch to a white thread for her face areas though, so as to save the hassle of removing it. Works for me ;)

Scale is barely started, and her fabric is 25ct Ivory lugana, stitched 2 over 1 Tent stitch. Already Ive run into acres of white stitches for this project, so Im hoping it will be a faster go of it. Since I plan to live to be 300 years old anyway ;). 
Several other Heaven and Earth Designs are slowly being kitted as Im able, though they are huge projects I have to give them credit it's only threads and fabric needed so very basic to kit up; yet they pack such a punch. I am finding they're also getting easier the more time I get to spend on them, and also having them on different fabrics has been educational cuz luckily I enjoy the differences too. There are several here on 28ct though that are rather scary cuz that seems super tiny to me, but they are heirlooms so I must conquer that qualm... Hopefully next round they will have joined the party and scored some progress... 
thanks for visiting, now I must see what bloggers have been up to...!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Guilt Free January... and HAEDs

has been here for nearly 3 weeks and I havent indulged! What is wrong with me??
 But what has been happening is a bit of organization, alot of planning, and alot of revisiting old WIPs that havent been played with since the move. Specifically the HAEDs and to a greater degree the TWs, have been sadly boxed since moving 3 years ago. Now with all the challenges on fb at least the Haeds are coming back to life, but the TWs are still waiting thier turn, hopefully the box comes off the shelf this week.
The Haed bug has bit hard, currently Gypsy Firefly is getting attention for the challenge. Nocturne is also on deck, and of course there's Winter Wings which has the most progress. Im no stranger to having Haeds, but working on them is becoming easier now that Ive made a stitchy place, and will be even better when I get a stand for the magnifyer light.
 In the midst of all this HAEDness are the ones from Kirsten that she never got to finish, and there are several. It was my goal this week to get them sorted and organized, and so far Queen of Hearts is ready to go. I hope it will be a smooth transition to pick up a project where someone left off, but she was very good at keeping her charts highlighted, so there's alot of hope. Next post I hope to include some pics of all this thread enmasse, and hopefully have some new starts to report... Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, November 23, 2015


has been unleashed! Tango doesnt seem to mind but I was freezing.
This was our first snowstorm of the season and dumped 8" on us, here in this pic it had only been snowing for an hour. All this wintery blast makes a person wanna hibernate with threads for insullation lol. So that's just what I tried to do. Samhain has gotten a bit of time, and now Arwen/Aragorn are out to see what progress they will get, and so far it's green dress this round. So the Celtics seem to be holding steady for all this switching over of projects, and I havent gotten bit yet by xmas stitching but the snow is helping with that. There are some xmas patterns in the stash Ive been waiting forever to do, but havent kitted yet, and hopefully this xmas season wont be so flipping nuts like usual. I would love to actually be able to start xmas projects in the holiday season but it never works out that way. Why is that?? And what do I need to do to counter it?? Lol having them kitted would help alot, and be far easier to grab and go when there is such an opportunity, but kitting xmas stuff isnt much fun out of season, which is why I hardly do. So we'll see on that front, but mostly it's just there's too much rush in Dec and it'd be great to slow it down and enjoy. That's my goal for this year- and not get caught up in all the storms the season brings, weather or otherwise ;) 

I will follow the herd's example and find a happy cozy place with some good company and noms to enjoy. I hope to have some progress pics soon to share! In the meantime, I better go keep the herd happy and warm and fed so I can enjoy the same myself!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Time for a change. ..

Only to what precisely?
I've met the goal for the HAED challenge, and thought it would be great to start a new one. Only so much over 1 has me not interested in more of the same. At least for tonight because of the poor lighting in here. Still, mornings are great to get a little done, and there's several I really want to launch, maybe in a few weeks.
     For now, it's a good guess what will get some attention. The Mirabilias, the Chatelaines, and there's always the Celtic ladies vying for a chance.
   My brain is tired because of long days on the farm, and training Tango the Mustang has been the most relaxing thing all week.  (Lol the HAED was confetti, so not very relaxing at that; ) ) So with the challenge taken care of, I will take a break from the genre till it slows up a bit round here.
  But to choose is the best part. ..

Saturday, November 7, 2015

kitting adventures....

 I try to visit a great lns a couple times a year. This store was having a XMAS sale today and lots of good bargains to be had! But what does this girl walk out with? Halloween stuff! I know that sounds too funny but Im still in Halloween mode and I found several things I'd been waiting for so what the heck. My xmas stitching mode hits after Thanksgiving, (and for a brief time in July) so until then I dont worry about xmas stitching cuz it's just for fun anyway.This store didnt have the xmas charts I was hunting for so I switched holidays. My hope is that I can start some of these new Halloween projects very soon, and if not then I'll save em for Guilt Free January. My other main purchase was some 25ct hand-dyed fabric for HAED's "Lirielle" by Nene Thomas, because Im not doing the background on that one- pages of the same color would drive me insane. However I will have to sew a grid on this one, cuz of the fabric and not doing the background. Sigh, but it shouldnt take long. Gridding is NOT my favorite thing, but an absolute must for haeds and other big projects like that. I'll get her floss when there's a sale.
 I've been in a stash collecting mode, the last few years havent allowed much of that so I need to catch up, and the discovery of no more Nene HAEDs was a bummer! I dont want to find myself in that pickle again, but at least with the Nene's she's doing it herself on her website. I just wish there were 'crop' options rather than doing the whole giant project cuz it's alot of background before you even reach the lady.
  The new HAEDs have been tough to decide who should be kitted, each is so beautiful, and I must say they pack so much punch being only floss and fabric and huge besides, yet so simple to do. Many smaller projects are so much more expensive.