Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Update

So much happened this spring as far as the stitchin was concerned! For one, the world of Flosstube on youtube is a daily growing thing, and I just keep finding more and more people to discover on there! It's also where the majority of my progress has been posted, which sadly means blogging took a hit for awhile, but I hope to keep up with the 2 ventures.
  But should anyone be interested, here is the link to my channel there  Kowgirlkate Paints Aplenty
and there are plenty of awesome needleworkers to be found on youtube if you search "flosstube" on the searchbar of that site.
 But back to blogging lol. March was a spectacular month of working on the LL Celtics, Ireland and Scotland were the main focus peices, and Lithia got her skin finished, and Samhain got her beads figured out. Ireland had the most progress of all, all the beads in the top motifs are completed, and the horse is finished except for his legs and tail, so that was a major win. Scotland had a major frogging session and a bit of a rechart on the horse there, but all got fixed and sorted and ready for the next session. Of course pictures are needed lol!

Funnily enough, Easter was in March and I didnt work on Ostara, how pathetic is that lol. I had thought about it, but every qsnap I owned was full and for a one day thing, well it just didnt happen. I decided instead to finally start the Merida that day since the fabric mystery was over and I had made a choice what she would get. I do love working on her! The fractionals arent near as bad as what I thought, they are mainly in her belts and her hair, and looking at the other patterns they have some but nothing too serious. And there's hardly any confetti from what Ive studied the charts so far, blended threads yes, but the only confettie is very mild where 2 symbols meet, in order to make the transition look smoother. Very do-able, not like a HAED or TW. I do know that since I am doing mine on 28ct that I will need full size (11 o) beads instead of Petites, which is fine. But here is a pic, and she is on 28ct "Vintage" lugana from my lns, so Im guessing that's from Wichelt or Zweigart cuz they dont order from hand-dyed fabric dyers like Steph or Leslie and such. The color is a cool (not warm) tones similar to DMC 842. And here is Merida so far.
Now that April is here I have so many plans that I hope to get going on before warm weather puts a crimp on my stitching time. I still have big plans and hopes that stitching wont suffer this year though.... Thanks for stopping by :)


Joysze said...

Flosstube!!!!! I keep getting asked to make vids and I'm like but but but...... where will the time come from? Hehe. Love the conversions!!!! xox

Bea said...

Just loving your conversions - wonderful progress!

Heather said...

Ooo beautiful progress!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Gorgeous photos! I have been watching your Flosstube videos and really enjoy them. I sit at the table and stitch and watch at the same time.

It's nice to hear people's voices, I can now read your blog in your voice!

Susan said...

Amazing work as always. I was digging through one of my pattern boxes and I found the Imbolc hood rechart that you sent me years ago - must have been from the TIA/L&L bulleting board. I knew I knew your stitching from somewhere else.

Angela said...

I love these conversions!

Kate said...

Thank you everyone! Joyze you should totally do Flosstube, it'd be awesome to feature IHSW.. ;)...!
Lol I discovered I have a squeaky voice after making videos! I should get Morgan Freeman to voice over ;)

Rachel Tomkins said...

I was pointed in your direction by Serendipitous Jo with regards to your L&L conversions. Now all I have to do is rifle through your blog to find and admire them! I'm very much liking what I've seen so far just on this one post. You are one talented lady! :)