Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ok, that does it

I'm on break at work and what's been in the back of my mind all day? The very little amount of floss work Pearls has left, of course. Just the white of the ribbon fins on her tail. Yes that is all. Yet I wont get near it till probably 9pm, what a world, what a world. Boy if that was the only problem to deal with life would be a snap lol.
But my goal is to get back to her beading this week, which means all floss work has to be done first. I usually devote October to my LLCeltics but now there is a Mira contest on one of my fav BBs so I dunno. If I join the contest it'll haveta be just for fun lol, cuz I doubt I'll stand much chance of winning. My Celtics have been patient though, it's time I got some new progress and some pics of them. Someday when I'm 100 I'd like to see them finally done ;p lol. But since Halloween is coming it'd be nice to make progress on Samhain, so that's when I really enjoy working on her. But for now it's back to work so I can kit up new projects, right?


MysteryKnitter said...

One stitch at a time.