Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some Progress

My puter is still down so no pics, but Queen of Peace has been taken off the Qs for awhile, after a major frogging session I need a break from her. Besides I think the Mermaid SAL has started so I have Mediterranian Mermaid on the Qs and put Bluebeard's Princess on some as well. I spent the last few days prepping kreinik braids for projects and now most are good to go. I hate trying to thread kreiniks into needles, always have, but stumbled upon a neat little trick about 6 years ago. First you wrap the entire spool of braid around a peice of cardboard about 8" long. Tape the ends so it stays, and then make a mark on either side of the strands to mark where you will next run some Fray Check across them. The area for this need not be big, one pass of the bottle tip is plenty. The Fray Check is a godsend for this stuff! Let it dry for a few hours and then cut it where the Fray Check was applied, right in the middle. Now both ends of the braid will not fray, it's easy to thread your needle, and the Fray Check gets cut off or not used anyway. I put it and the empty spool together into a little floss bag and it's very convenient and far less swearing this way lol.
Middy has seen a little progress but nothing to brag about. My time is beginning to get crunched so hard to say how Nov goals are gonna go. But I keep trying.


MysteryKnitter said...

Maybe that project did not want you to stitch it yet.