Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stitchy weekend!
for all the details, but what a fabulous idea! Since I wont be going riding this weekend this is the next best thing! Of course there's the usual weekend catching up on life now that autumn is fast coming and school has started.
And speaking of such, as tradition dictates I celebrate the start of school every year by spending time at the lns looking over everything in peace and unhurried bliss lol, getting ready for another winter of stitchin. Today I brought home some fabric for Greek Mandela, a leather scissor sheath (to use as a pattern to make more since i have lots of leather), some fibers for Greek & Mermaid Treasure box, and a chart I've been looking for forever- "Sanctuary" by Drawn Thread which I can't wait to start and I'm thinking I have some fabric in my stash that would work for it. Only thing I noticed is there's no center arrows on the chart and I like to start on the center if at all possible!
I also wanna get more "smalls" going this winter, Mermaid Treasure Box is top of that list,...