Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday Monday and all sorts of stuff

After a super crazy weekend I'm glad to see Monday's here! (I dont usually say that!) I dont have any stitching to report unfortunately, but today is looking better for it. I didnt get to do a new start on Leap Day either, bad me, but things are rolling now for better opportunities. I spent the weekend feng shui-ing my house and doing spring cleaning at the same time, everyone pitched in and helped so it was nice to get it done and overwith. With the big island now out in the shed there's nowhere for my stash and art stuff to live so I'll be dealing with that today, after I veg out with a WIP first !
The other chaos of the weekend was having 4 heifers come in (give birth) and not all of them know what to do with thier calves, so that's alot of extra babysitting them thru the process and lost sleep. But it's such a warm fuzzy when they finally get it and accept that they're mamas now.
Thankfully there are only 10 more heifers to calve in the next couple weeks so I hope the cattle drama slows down soon...
So spring is just around the corner! Calving season is the start of it for us here, and I did see a robin the other day, only he was getting snowed on & probably cussing. Poor guy, bad enuf eating worms but I'm sure frozen ones arent any better!


Joysze said...

I did a double take when I read that you were glad for Monday. LOL!!! But I see why. Did you take any pics of the calves? Would love to see them. :D

Kate said...

Calving season sounds interesting and would love to see pics too.

MysteryKnitter said...

I am glad the calving season has started well.