Friday, June 12, 2015

OK then, it's Guilt-Free June

2 rainy days in a row?? Oh the possibilities! So... I had to switch things up a bit and worked on Mirabilia's Percephone- the aqua blob you see here on 28ct "Lavender Sunset" jobelan by Wichelt. The pattern was a RAK a couple of years ago so love n hugs to the person who sent it, I keep little prayers and good thoughts in the stitches for them.
And then I was feeling the stitchy start bugbite and couldnt make up my mind which one. So Google images to the rescue for some inspiration- lol only to be sensory overloaded with all the pretty Miras pictured there. But THEN, mixed in all the pictures was one of an ornament and it was so beautiful. Immediately my imagination raced to the idea of a Mira XMAS tree, I mean can you just see it?!? I sure can, and it'll be a good way to have mini little happy dances of the Miras since these wouldnt take long to do, AND super easy cuz they wouldnt take much of the materials the regular sized ones have anyway. I've long admired the Round robins that feature Miras and other designs but they're still a big project, and take some time to do, these ornies could be done much faster and the trim makes for a very cute finishing.
  So this leaves me with a huge case of Start-itis, and even more so since this winter was a scrap for any new starts. I have a ton of 32 and 28ct remnants that would be just the thing to use up, and so the hunt begins for making some new pretties to display....


Bea said...

Can't wait to see some more starts. I have decreed 2015 to be "the year of the WIPs" so I have to live vicariously through everyone else's new starts.