Sunday, July 19, 2009

New starts....

...are so tempting, so fun, so calling my name! Now is when I need extra willpower to not cave in! Last month I got fabrics for some of the Mirabilias cuz the lns had some on clearence, and I ordered a couple peices as well. The ones that are ready to go are: July's Amethyst Fairy, Queen Mermaid, Forest Goddess, -and South Seas Mermaid, Rose Celebration, and Bluebeards' Princess are just needing a couple things. So with all that temptation lurking, why, a busload of willpower is needed!
Once school starts and my hours go back to normal I plan on starting to collect some of Nora Corbett's Pixies, and her entire alphabet series so I can spell anything. I'd like to spell 'Imagine' for one, that would look so pretty with all the little fairies in it.
For now though, the plan is to get Pearls done and start a Rotation. I used to be soo good with that, but as my time got crunched it turned into a screaming rotation- one that I just worked on whatever 'screamed' at me to do. So it needs some structure. Plus I miss my Celtic Ladies.


MysteryKnitter said...

One stitch at a time. I know you will make it.