Tuesday, July 21, 2009

some happy news

at least to me anyway lol. I got word today that my fabrics for Rose Celebration and South Seas mermaid are on the way, and the Waterlilies I'd ordered for Bluebeards' Princess are in stock at the lns. So boom, boom, boom- suddenly I could start anything, and of the whole list, Bluebread's princess has been the most tempting.
Working on Arwen/Aragorn hasnt been thrilling- he is shades of black and gray so I'd like to just get thru that and onto the fun of her dress. But it's been hard to get into. Maybe tomorrow I'll choose a different Celtic instead. Life is too short lol- but I have 1 set of Qsnaps left that I could put another wip on...
Then I'd have a rotation finally.


MysteryKnitter said...

Patience, patience. Every stitch you make is one stitch toward the happy moment they are a FO.