Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a different WIP

Last nite I was bored with Lammas, so took her off the Qs and was gonna start Mirabilia's "July's Amethyst Fairy" but found I hadnt yet hemmed her fabric. So went and dug thru the Miras and chose Fairy Idyll, who is just barely started, and worked on her while watching a movie, cuz I had the tv all to myself. Her fabric is "Lavendar Sunset" jobelan from Wichelt, soft shades of pinkish lavendar and gray, and FI's colors work beautifully on it. However, she's just a blob of yellow and part of her arms done so far. I've decided to rotate between a Mira and a Celtic for awhile, but am gonna leave it at that lol, and just choose at the time. No beads for Pearls yet, but the waterlilies for Bluebeard have come in, so maybe get a chance to pick those up next week. Traditionally I kickoff the start of school with a trip to the lns, and get there as often as I can in the fall, cuz in winter the roads get too bad. So we'll see. In the meantime, FI can have some progress. Pic to follow when I reach a decent level of progress