Sunday, August 16, 2009

cave-in!! and "is it done yet?"

Yeah, it was only a matter of time. Still no beads for Mermaid of the Pearls, but I'll look next week at the other lns. However I did finally get the silks for Bluebeards' Princess and some fabrics so I'm happy with the new stash. I got some beautiful new colors of hand-dyed fabrics from Zweigart and Wichelt- as those are the only fabrics my 2 lns's carry, but it seems those companies are catching on that stitchers want something to make thier projects look like paintings, and making more n more colors. The new colors I found today are "Mississippi Blue" Britney (which is a lovely darkish blue-violet with lighter blue highlights) for Crystal Chandelier; and "Rainbow Dreams" Britney (which is soft colors of pink and sky blue) and I might use it for South Seas Mermaid- depending how her colors look cuz it is very pale. If it doesnt work for her I got a FQ so it would be big enuf for something else. I really want to get a peice of "Starquest" Britney which is purply-blue and very light highlights, it does look like space or water. And then they had a bunch of purple hand-dyeds I hadnt seen before. Then tonite I dragged out the sewing machine and hemmed edges of lots of fabrics so there's a bunch of projects now ready to go. And I thought I'd have willpower to resist lol. But nope, I had to see what Bluebeard's Princess would be like to work on. I think I need more Qsnaps! Cuz Fairy Idyll has been taken off and BP is on it. So far just some of her middle and tailfin done, but her colors are very rich, and she is on "Thyme" linen by Wichelt, which is mottled medium sage green and gray. I wonder what the silks will be like, and noticed Atlantis Mermaid uses some of the same colors, so that's cool. I doubt either one will need a whole skein. I dont plan on stitching the fishy crown at the top of BP but I might steal Atlantis' fish that she has and put 1 or 2 in the top corner(s).
And then while I'm happily stitchin away, DH comes up behind me and says "Hey, that looks different. Is the other one done?" and he does it just to get a rise outta me, cuz it takes me forever to finish one, even a sampler, cuz the ones I tend to like are huge- and my weakness is new starts. But I've already had a HD this year which is a miracle lol, and 3 projects that are past the halfway mark. So I'm content with that.
Tomorrow I plan on getting aquainted with BP and see if I can make some good progress. It's nice to be working on a mermaid again!


MysteryKnitter said...

One stitch at a time.