Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cold-weather plans...

Since it's fall weather here now it always inspires me to plan ahead for those long cabin-fever-filled winter days. I was lucky enuf to kit up some projects this summer that have been nagging in the front of my mind, waiting for a dreary day that could use a bright spot. Now at the back of my mind are others whose complexity requires a total focus any time they are worked on. I'm speaking of course, of the Teresa Wentzler designs I have going and waiting to be started. She is my 2nd favorite designer, after Nora Corbett (Mirabilia) , yet the very reason her designs are so incredible is the very reason they take me forever to show progress- their "painting" effect is accomplished by SO many blends and 1/4 stitches. This morning I was trying to think up a way that could speed things up when I work on TWs- as it is now I just blend the threads as I need them which works fine for normal projects but on a TW, that's what I spend most of the time doing, and with stitching time so crunched the last few years, the TWs havent stood a chance. Not that I love them any less, it's just harder to see progress with them and I need to solve that problem. TWs that have been tempting me are Storyteller and Dragon Ride, which are already started, and starting Fortunate Traveler and the Minstrel. Another great thing I love about the TWs is there's so much beauty to the design that I dont need to fuss about hand-dyeds with them and they're not as expensive to kit up. And now that I've completed a few samplers by other designers, TWs seem relatively easy with thier specialty stitches. So my intrest is being renewed, but a solution needs to be found.
However, Pearls is still on the go, but doesnt have much progress to boast of. Hopefully tonite, as I've finally gotten an afternoon off and housework is 'getting there' enuf that I can soon abandon it lol.


MysteryKnitter said...

I understand you. I do not have a favourite designer, to be honest, but I like Vervaco's and Diamant's stuff, not to forget Margot's, or something like that. I admit, my stitching is more needlepointing than anything else, but those who have received the FO's have been satisfied.