Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mermaid Progress!

A little over my deadline, but here is Mermaid Of The Pearls, with her changes. 25 hours of stitching and 13 hours of beading so far. The beading at least goes fast lol, which is good because there SO much of it on her! Plus I added more so she would look different. I have swapped out the pink heart treasure and added freshwater pearls instead of the pebble beads, I love the results much better. Once I get the beads finished on the top half, stitching/beading the tail shouldnt take long at all. Yesterday saw some serious progress with the beads so a pic was long overdue.

I have also gotten the chart for Shakepeare Fairies but will wait to kit it up, it is so tempting though! I also plan to restart some Dimension Gold kits I've had languishing with very little progress cuz of the 18ct aida, sometime I'll get some 28ct evenweave and they can be huge lol, but at least they'll get worked on. There are 4, - 3 Native American and 1 of wild horses, and I love the designs but NOT that fabric- and 10 years is long enuf on the fence to see if I'd grow into it. I gave it one last effort a week ago and found my eyes hurt after a few minutes so it's not worth the headache to keep the 18ct aida.


MysteryKnitter said...

How beautiful! I admire your skills!