Saturday, October 24, 2009

a lull...that needs to be fixed!

No progress to report as of lately, with the exception of a few minutes on Bluebeard's Princess. Nore either on Pearls, who in fact is sitting right next to me now like "what are you waiting for???" But I took advantage of a sale and got kreiniks for Meditteranian Mermaid so she's entirely kitted and waiting to start, and also Shakespeare's Fairies is kitted minus thier krieniks. That was enuf damage for one day lol. My Celtics have been shouting to work at them as well, and I need to make some working copies of the TWs so they go faster/easier - as much as a TW can be fast or easy lol. The fabric I chose for Shakespeare's Fairies is called "Mississippi Blue" and is muted blue and purple mottled together. The fairies dresses just pop on it and thier lanterns glow as they should. I didnt want anything too dramatic but I didnt want a solid color either, nor black for a night fabric. Now I just gotta wrap up Pearls so I can start some new ones......


MysteryKnitter said...

One stitch at a time, and you have walked through the finish line before you know it.