Sunday, April 4, 2010

what a weird week

it seems as though I have caught stitching ADD or something, and cannot focus on any one project. I did make some progress on Mediterranian Mermaid this week though, and started a couple new ones- Today since it was a holiday I went ahead and started Shakespeare's Fairies (finally!). Now I woke up thinking I would have today to relax and just enjoy a project. (When I get to sleep in I tend to think of what project stats are lol). Middy was the origional contender but getting her out and looking at that awful 32ct permin, nah, not today, so back into storage she went. Then I repacked a project bag to drag these 2 Miras mentioned above, whenever I go to work or hang around not watching tv at home. Tonite i may do some progress on Pearls, as now that Easter is finally over my schedule has a bit more breathing room. When things are so nuts it's hard to find a window for stitching, but now things look better. Now that the new starts are outta my system it's funny how Pearls is calling lol. Since I'm moving Waiting for Ships to my bedroom and making it a gallery of stitching it'd be nice to pair her with Pearls so better get crackin. So that's my plan thus far....