Monday, March 29, 2010

A new start:)

After working on spring cleaning all week I decided to celebrate by jumping into a new project. No, it's not Shakespeare Fairies (yet lol) but actually a Jeanette Douglas sampler,"Northern Lights". This is my 2nd favorite of her samplers, "Prairie West" being #1, but Ive had this one the longest. And why I never started it was some of the fibers were discontinued, specifically the ones needed in the first row. But I thought I could sub in some 'Old Willow' sampler threads I'd had and I like the results just fine, so now i can keep going on this one for awhile.
For progress on others, Samhain is at 7 hours, her hair and most of her face are done. Mediterranian Mermaid is still where she was last pic but she's staying on the Qs for when I need 'normal' stitching instead of all the specialty stitches in a sampler. But they are fun.
Pearls is still on the big Qs and one of these days I'll spend some time with her. BUT for now, a sampler is kind of a mini-happy-dance each time a section gets done and I need some motivation ;)and something different to work on. I should rig up the other 2 JD samplers onto scroll bars again, it was fun working on both simultaneously. I mostly just need time to goof off with all these projects ;)