Monday, January 25, 2010

Mediterranian Mermaid (by Mirabilia)

Here she is at 5 hours progress, I'm hoping she'll be a fast project. Her fabric is 28ct "Watercress" jobelan from Wichelt, which in the photo looks pale but it is really a pretty shade of aqua-green lighter than the greens used for stitching her. This Mermaid is special cuz she seems to be an archeologist ;).
She makes #11 of the Mirabilia Mermaids, and I'm thankful Nora is so good at designing or my mermaid collection would be very sparse, as I'm very picky in how mermaids should look lol. But Nora's got 'em right. Now I just gotta kit up and start the ones I havent already. So,,, inventory: I have all the charts, but so far Pearls, Mediterranian, Bluebeard's Princess, and Mermaids of the Deep Blue Sea are started. That leaves "Deepest Love", "Queen Mermaid", "Shimmering Mermaid", "Emerald Mermaid", "Enchanted Mermaid", and Mermaid of Atlantis". "Waiting for Ships" is already completed. I hope I didnt forget anyone lol. So that's an awful lot of stitchin to get thru, not to mention all her other designs I'm crazy about. I dont think they'll all fit in the bathroom anymore, it was easy when there was just 4 Mermaids, cuz my artwork is in there too, so I'm running outta wallspace! The rest will just haveta live in my bedroom I guess. The only theme it has is seafoam walls and white trim, plus 2 antique seafoam, lavender, blue, and gold stained glass windows that I salvaged and rigged lights up for so they look like real windows without cutting a hole in my house. Lol, works for me. So mermaids could live in there. The rest of the house is male- cowboy/Indian/western which I love and suits the men I live with better than frou-frou girly lol.


MysteryKnitter said...

Wow. Running out of wall space is not good.