Saturday, September 11, 2010


Here is Pearls at 40 hours stitching and 18 hours beading. The only stitching left is her tailfin and the bubbles, but millions of beads left to go. This may be a project where there are more beads than threads! I also changed her nose a bit, it looks different from doing it as charted, like it is in the previous progress photo. But I'm still not sure I like it... so I plan to leave it while finishing her and if it still looks funny at the end I'll just redo her face till I do like it.
Beltane also has seen some progress but currently is in a drawer, still on the Q's, awaiting the completion of Pearls. Now that Pearls is so close to finishing I don't dare put her down for fear she'll sit and wait again , so it's best to wrap this one up and actually have a finish. I just wish it was easy to take Pearls places cuz I could work on her beading easily enuf...


MysteryKnitter said...

One stitch at a time. One pearl at a time. That's the wisest course.