Sunday, August 29, 2010

New stash!

Well I finally got to my LNS, and only got to spend 10 minutes there! What the?? That was because the whole family was along and tired/cranky after a long day of football jamboree. But I wasnt about to go that far and NOT stop in lol. I plan to go on a day when I can take all the time I want during school hours ;). What I picked up was the remainder of Jeanette Douglas' Canadian JOurney Samplers that I had ordered a couple months ago. Fluer de Lis, Atlantic Seaboard, and the highly coveted Prairie West. I've been searching for that one for how many years now, and it's finally here! I also got her "Minnesota, Wisconsin Michigan" one just cuz I like the motifs. But that was all I bought home, there's plenty of sampler-appropriate fabric here, but I need to get the fibers n threads for them sometime. So now I have the entire set to play with, and they are nice portable projects for working on during lunchbreaks.
Beltane hasnt seen much progress lately and I had her in a canvas tote for taking to work but that is not working out cuz the tote doesnt even close. I dont think I'll use the suitcase to take her to work just yet simply cuz she's diffacult to manage at work in her current size, and GOD FORBID anything happen to her after all the work she's had- the tote is no longer safe to use for her and she's too cumbersome to actually work on there, so looks like she's grounded to home. Pearls is waiting as usual lol. Yesterday I put "Mermaids of the Deep Blue" on Qs again, as it's barely started but one of my all time favorites. That one is still plenty small enuf to travel with. I also saw a post on the Mira BB about a witch conversion so I'm keeping a lookout for a Mira I'd like to make all Halloween-y. I plan to devote Octorber to working on Samhain as a main feature, and get some serious progress on her. It seems to be all about Mermaids and Celtics in 2010, poor fairies seem to be needing more attention! I'll do what I can regarding that...


MysteryKnitter said...

You dare to change much. I change only colors, like background or something, and I may add a frame and such. Making 2 praying children identical has been the biggest work this far. The boy remained as a boy. The girl remained as a girl, but both of them needed 3 rounds thick borders between the background and outer border. I am glad I did them, though. Now they are in their new home.