Wednesday, August 11, 2010

so it goes

Beltane seems to be flying along for whatever reason. Tomorrow is gonna be a scorcher so the only plans are laundry and stitching. My goal is to get the little motifs on the left finished, after that it's just dress left, and then the beading
( my favorite part! Seriously!! )
So it's good to be back in the swing of stitching. Pearls is gonna havta wait till cooler weather, she's not very portable anymore and needs a floor stand cuz the biggest Qs are too combersome and heavy to hold- and since we dont have an ac downstairs she's stuck waiting; the floor stand wont work in the bedroom cuz the bed is too high to facilitate using it. Maybe Beltane will reach beading before then and I'll need the biggest Qs for her.... But there's an awful lot of purple skirt to wade thru first!
I have less than a week before the big 'back to school lns trip" and still havent dug thru and see what I'd like to get going this winter. There are some Dimensions kits that would be nice to get onto jobelan instead of of that awful aida... And some TWs... and...