Saturday, October 2, 2010

FINALLY! A Happy Dance!!!

Here she finally is! I finished her today at 58 hours stitchin and 35 beading for a grand total of 93 hours. Now for the details- She is on 28ct "Babbling Brook" Jobelan, available from Wichelt. Changes I made were subbing MH Beads 03047 instead of 03055, changing her nose, adding extra beads to her hair and pretty much everywhere else, and adding frshwater pearls- and lots of em, cuz I did not like how the pebble beads looked- and then I got carried away lol. She is very heavy! I started this project WAY back in 2003 and progress was intermittent during the years cuz I wasnt in any hurry. Now the goal is to get some frames for her and Waiting for Ships and display them in my bedroom.
And I'm free to start Blossom Harvest for the Mira BB SAL-contest and play with my LLCeltics once more :)


MysteryKnitter said...

There you see! It is a FO now.