Sunday, October 3, 2010

Back to the Celtics

Since I have to wait to get fabric for Blossom Harvest I dug out the LLCeltics yesterday instead. Today I hope to get Samhain on a set of Qsnaps as well. Right now the Ireland conversion is getting a little progress, and Beltane is ready to get back to as well. I need to figure out something else for Ireland's shawl, I had thought that Autumn's orgional colors for it would look well against the greens I had chosen, only after doing the undersleeve in that color group I seriously wonder. I'm leaving the undersleeve for now, till it gets more green around it, to know if it should be frogged or not. So far it looks 'ok' but that color group I'm not crazy about ( DMC 832 color group) so am not gonna do the shawl in those colors as well. Looking at the origional Autumn I would never add those colors with the cold purple group of Needlepaints, yech! It's not 'fall-like' or even complimentary to each other. Thank goodness for DMC thread sample cards to the rescue on that one!
So if my eye gets drawn to that undersleeve everytime I look at my Ireland, well, it'll just haveta change ;)
When I get some progress I'll post a new pic of her and Beltane.


MysteryKnitter said...

1 stitch at a time. And when it comes to framing, find someone who knows the meaning of the word, and give the FOs for her or him to work with. Trust the person, and you may see amazing results.