Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a new start!

Rose Celebration by Mirabilia. She will go on 28ct "Thyme" linen by Wichelt, which in the pic looks washed out. It is actually shades of gray and green and her colors just sing on it. I've had this fabric for 2 years and always thought of her when I'd see it, but hadnt done anything about it. Why? cuz this is a project I'd already started years ago and had alot of progress on. Why am I not working on it? Well, it is 32ct natural linen, and she looks beautiful on it, only I no longer care for 32 ct very well anymore, PLUS I went and did part of her skin over-one and now feel like a crazy person. Too much to frog and too risky to try, and just trying to progress on it gives me a headache. So it sits in a drawer hoping for the day I'll get a fancy magnifyer-light setup, to see if there's any hope. But since a peice a fabric is alot cheaper than an OTT Light, a restart wins.
Lol, I started this so long ago the floss is in little baggies! I havent done that for years!


MysteryKnitter said...

Patience. Remember the Pearls mermaid? You stitched 1 stitch at a time, and it paid off. Do this time the same, and you will see.