Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still no puter at home..

.. and I'm slowly going nuts! But it's suprising how much stitching I've gotten done lol, since I hardly bother with tv. I did get a cheapo magnifyer light and it's great, however I would like to get one that doesnt get so hot from the light bulb. But Middy has seen some serious progress and is about half done now. She remains on the Q's for opportunity, since the lamp stays in the bedroom cuz it is the kind that clamps and doesnt have a floorstand. My Lady's Garden is the travel project now, and last night I dug out Mirabilia's "Queen of Peace" that I had started years ago and her progress is flying along. I'm doing a conversion on her, getting rid of the green sash and making it plum instead. Mediterranian Mermaid is also on the Q's and has seen a bit of progress but am saving her for the Mermaid SAL coming up. I plan to sub pearls for the bigger cream beads on her as well. I have some that are the perfect size and shape. Yesterday was an awesome day for going to my favorite lns. Now most of my Miras have thier beads and kreniks, fabric for some, and i brought home Fairy Roses to add to my Mirabilia collection. They are ordering fabric in for Enchanted Mermaid, Blossom Harvest, and Cinderella, and when those come in I may kit up what's left of my Miras that I have, and there's several left that I dont have charts of yet either. I didnt have much luck finding Mill Hill treasures though. Thinking i might just order Swarovski crystals from Fire Mountain instead of buying Mill Hill, and save a fortune if I can. I also got some clearence samplers and fibers which was cool, but nothing that screams to be started right now. I'm having too much fun with the Miras I have started now anyway. My Starting List has grown a bit but there again, Middy is the focus and the others are fun distractions. Winter Queen is still the top contender for a start but I'm saving her for a rainy day so to speak. Perhaps this week I'll get to the other lns and bring home the Starquest and Antique Copper fabric they have left. I have a couple Passione Ricomo's that work nice with Starquest, and maybe Royal Holiday or Santa's Majic for the other. It would be nice to have some Xmas projects going and this year would be great to add them in. But for now I better go see how far I get on Peace Queen so there's enuf done for a pic once I actually have my puter back.