Sunday, October 31, 2010

My computer is in the shop

So it may be awhile before I can post more updates or pics. But progress on My Lady's Garden is coming along, and last night I dug out Middy and worked on her wings for a bit this morning. This (and Ashley's Roses) will the ONLY projects that I will ever attempt to finish on 32 ct fabric, simply cuz there's too much progress to restart. But those wings gave me a headache cuz of the blending filament on so tiny a stitch (at least for me). So I'm caving in and getting a magnifier light, once these projects are done I can use it for fly-tying. But she is beautiful, every time I go digging thru the WIPs she comes out for awhile, but sadly doesnt stay cuz of her fabric. HOpefully the light changes all that.
In other news, been buying fabric for projects and getting more ready to start, wont be long and all the Miras I have will be ready to go. I plan to have one fabulous stitching season this winter lol....