Monday, October 25, 2010

The Short List

These are projects I have that are ready to go, though some may need thier beads yet, but are in no particular order.
1. Winter Queen. This is my favorite Queen cuz it looks like my favorite aunt
2. Forest Goddess
3 Queen Mermaid
4 Crystal Symphony
5 July's Amethyst Fairy
6 Sleeping Beauty

There are more in the process of kitting up in various stages, maybe by Guilt-Free January they could be ready too...
Right now the loudest one to be started is Winter Queen, but I just started 2 Miras this month. Normally I wouldnt blink an eye at that lol, but I would like to get some good progress on those 2 first before crazy season hits and stitching suffers for time. Besides there's a Mira Mermaid SAL coming up and I'm joining in that, maybe Bluebeard's Princess would get a go, or Mediterranian. At least lately those are the the ones on my mind for that event.


MysteryKnitter said...

Give the Queen a chance.