Sunday, October 24, 2010

Rainy Sundays

can be a blessing lol. And how I spent my free time today was a combo of working on My Lady's Garden and digging thru stash. I also decided I really hate fluorescent lights at the lns, cuz once I get the fabric home it always looks different. So Enchanted Mermaid will have to wait now. However this fabric will work perfectly for Winter Queen, it actually looks like a frosty window with how the dye set, in shades of blue and a bit of purple. So now Winter Queen is good to go ;) and I hope soon. I also made a list of all the projects that just need fabric and can be started, along with sizes I would need, and played on the fabric veiwer for awhile. What an awesome site that is! I do miss the Mira/Lavender n Lace Gallery though, it was so cool to be able to see people's WIPs and HDs all in one place and get inspired.
I'm really having alot of fun with the stitching and hate the thought of Nov-Dec coming-- usually the job goes nuts for Holiday season, there's alot of outdoor chores to take care of here, and when I am free for creativity what takes priority is my biggest rush for art orders for Xmas - so the stitching really suffers then. but January always promises to be stitchy again.
This week I hope to get some more progress on Rose Celebration, get enuf progress on Lady Garden to warrent a pic, and finish the face on Samhain and get a pic of her. Time is running out and I'll have to depend on weekends I dont work or paint orders to make any progress... but I remain ever hopeful ;)