Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some progress and a framing

here is Rose Celebration at 10 hours, on 28ct "Thyme" linen from Wichelt. She has been fun to work on, so I'll continue to do so till I can get fabric for My Lady's Garden and kreiniks for Enchanted Mermaid, as those 2 are getting pushed to the front lol.
My LLCeltic Imbolc has finally been framed and a pic is up on . I do all my own framing but finding frames that are the right size and dont cost an arm n a leg can be tricky. This winter I plan to learn how to build my own frames cuz my artwork could use some as well.

And success! I found some pretty fabric for My Lady's Garden and the kreiniks for Enchanted Mermaid tonite at my lns. The fabric is 28ct "Antique Copper" hand-dyed jobelan by Wichelt, and it is light shades of tan and green, like copper that is just getting patina, only lighter. It looks very much like a garden background for this particular project, and the floss colors just glow on it so I'm very anxious to get started. This weekend I'll cut fabric for Enchanted Mermaid and hopefully there's a peice left that'll be big enuf for Winter Queen or another.


MysteryKnitter said...

I am glad you found a good fabric.