Wednesday, October 20, 2010


.. with a project. I got My Lady's Garden all set up on scroll bars today and planned to make some real progress on her. But after a couple hours I just cant get used to the floppy-ness of scroll bars vs Qsnaps. But what bothers me is I can't wash this project at all, ever, cuz of it being on R n R Reproductions linen. And I wonder about investing a 100 hours or so into something that may get ruined. There's 5 hours progress on her so far, but she is to be a gift so ultimately isnt gonna live under my watch. So I'm thinking bad choice now that I'm finding more out about R n R fabric not being colorfast. Waste of $ and time I guess. So I guess I should be looking for another fabric she'd be pretty on. Sigh.
But in other news, hopefully I can get to the lns and get some fabric for her soon... Tomorrow IS my day off... I did do a floss toss on the Thyme linen and it was beautiful so maybe, if they have any of it.


MysteryKnitter said...

How sad. I mean that fabric mess.