Monday, October 18, 2010


I got to thinking about stitching today while I was doing housework, (yeah I know).
I heard of the 100 Project Challenge and no idea what it's about so will look around. Then I thought about Round Robins and wondered how people designed thier projects for those, specifically the Mirabilia ones where there's a bunch of designs arranged together- Very cool. Then I thought about all my finishes, which isnt many lol, 2 Mirabilias, 2 LLCeltic conversions, and 2 small and 1 large Sampler. Now if you wanna talk starts I'm your girl lol. But I know I dont have 100, so I wonder if the goal of that challenge is to get or whittle down to 100 WIPs. In which case some people are lucky either way it goes! I thought about WIPs I have and what I need to do about them. Maybe it's time to do a more formal rotation. The only trouble with that is my stitching time varies, and it could take me a month to get 10 hours on a project or just 2 days,nor does a weekly one work cuz oftentimes I dont get to stitch much if it's been a busy week, and I hate switching projects when there isnt much to show. So it's always been a screaming rotation- whichever one seems most fun to work on whenever. But if I made stitching more of a priority it might help, there's usually alot of other stuff between family, work, farm, and painting for $. With winter coming, time indoors fending off cabin fever is the main thing lol, so I'm hoping I can do more this winter than in winters past. Once a project gets 3/4 done it's a push to finish it then, but right now I don't have any that far. Beltane is half done and she's the farthest.
As for Rose Celebration, she is coming along nicely and I love how she looks on the Thyme linen. 4 hours left to go and I'll reach my goal for the SAL. If I reach it before the deadline I'll just keep going till it ends. DH says this one looks like me so I ought to finish it. It'll happen, just not instantly lol.
I need to get back to my lns to see the hand-dyed fabrics they have. Unfortunately, they dont have many, only 1yd cuts in Wichelt's line. So limited selection, plus they do NOT like the look of hand-dyeds, so it can hard to find what I need. But that said, alot of times they throw a whole yard in the clearence bin, which is where I got a yd each of Thyme and Babbling Brook fabrics, for $15. So it helps when I like things that are not 'traditional' and look 'damaged' cuz then I score big. I also wanna get some Miras that i dont have. The wishlist is always growing...


MysteryKnitter said...

Wow. You find things, when you least expect.