Saturday, December 4, 2010

an update

Over Thanksgiving weekend Bluebeard's Princess and Med Mermaid saw some progress. Not as much as I'd hoped, for the ride home was in a car and too jostled to even try stitching (much easier to do in the truck!) Since then no luck stitching at all. But next weekend is another trip and I hope to make some good progress then.
Stitching thoughts are all about winter-themed projects or Xmas ones. We had the first snow yesterday and there's 6" of the white stuff out there now. It looks pretty but I can't help wishing it leaves after Xmas! But it puts me in the mood to work on a wintery project, maybe Winter Queen or getting fabric for Santa's Majic and Royal Holiday.
November Goals didnt make it so hot this round.

Middy: didnt even get looked at :(

Queen of Peace: Major frogging session so only got about half the progress I wanted.

Med Mermaid: Reached the tailfin and worked some more on her skin.

So probably wont be making any goals for Dec cuz that month gets eaten by chaos too. And January is the free for all lol, that I'm really looking forward to this year.


MysteryKnitter said...

That other Queen may be more willing to work with you.