Saturday, January 15, 2011

Guilt Free January in full swing

Passione Ricomo's "Winter Beauty Princess" on 28ct "Starquest" Britney by Zweigart. Zweigart and Wichelt have some pretty hand-dyed fabrics and this is my fav of them all. I plan to start this one tomorrow :).

MLI's "Ice Angel" on 28ct "Tile Blue" jazlyn by Zweigart. I opted for a solid fabric for this Angel, after seeing it done in the lns on a solid. I also decided to use a blending filament with white DMC instead of the rayon in her dress, and it looks nice, so I'll skip the silks I was thinking of. The entire dress is blending filaments so you can imagine the glitter! Started today :)


Andie said...

Oh I love the look of your floss tosses! :D Can't wait to see wips! Do you rotate!!

Kate said...

It's more of screaming rotation lol. But I love Guilt free January