Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

It's officially Guilt-Free January!! That said, buisness before pleasure. TOday I moved stash around, and emptied one of the Sterilite towers into a dresser, (not to mention a thorough cleaning and good start at feng shui'ng the house). Now this is a trade off, as the sterilite had more storage space cuz the dresser drawers are really shallow. However, the dresser will hold the other tv and it'll be nice to have a second tv, since I love to watch, or rather listen to, movies while I stitch and usually the tv is commandeered by the males of the house.
So now that everything is somewhat sorted and organized, my day is free to enjoy stitching tomorrow. Not to mention finding a new start to dive into to lol. I decided against using rayon for Ice Angel, I have a feeling it'd just tick me off so am gonna look for silks at the cool lns that usually has everything. I also plan to make the tree an overdyed floss to give it some oomph lol, so it's not so much a Charlie Brown-looking tree. But I did find some fabric that should work nicely for her.
I also decided on fabrics for the Seasonal Angels but dont have peices large enuf for them. While sorting thru stash I was thinking about 11 in 2011, and debating whether it should be starting 11 new ones or choosing 11 main projects. I really need to give it some serious thought....