Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas stash :)

It's been a good Christmas, my order from ABC came, and what I spent my gift $ on was kitting MLI's Ice Angel & Seasonal Angels, minus fabrics. I have plenty of plain blue fabrics that I wanna do a floss toss on, but the Seasonal angels might win out for some hand-dyeds. I also can't wait to get Summer Queen going now that my Mira Queen set is complete, but she needs her stitchables yet and hopefully her fabric works for her- I chose it using the fabric overlay thingy instead of seeing the fabric in person. Now that it's here it's alot paler than online pics so I'm hoping it still works once I get the floss.
I am determined to do 11 in 2011 but havent pinned down which projects yet. The Mermaid SAL is coming and I plan some serious progress on Med Mermaid. This weekend we'll be moving furniture and I may transfer my stash into an antique steamer trunk that currently houses my fabric for sewing. I dunno though. But it would hold everything, only that there's no way to really organise it in there since it only has the top tray. But it may work nicely. Otherwise there is a dresser I can swap one of my Sterlite towers for, or I may go hunting in the antique shops.