Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Since the price of dmc is destined to go up today I made a run for it today, and my Chatelaines have thier floss. There is a locally famous variety store in my area that still carries it for 39 cents so I usually stock for my projects there. Now I haveta sort thru it all for each project. I wish they carried the rest of stitching supplies for such bargains! But anyway, this morning saw progress of the Nessessaire and very little left to do on that front panel lol, but I shall continue and finish tonite. I love how the colors turned out on it and the whole project will be so pretty when done. I'm using it as a guinea pig before I take on Leporello ;)
The other day I worked on making my own chatelaine-- while searching for the Martina patterns google had all these images of antique chatelaines to hold all the tools for sewing and such. And I wanted one, so I dug into the jewelry making stash and invented one for myself. I just need to get a needle-case and it is finshed, and I'll post a pic on the weekend. It is inspired by my life-long obcession of Atlantis- the main feature is a pendant of a compass, and then it has 5 strands of freshwater pearl and denimn lapis semi-precious stones that trail down ending in large clasps to hook my tools onto, and I made a laying tool to match it. Im very happy with it, and like the convenience of not having to dig around for what I need.
I also toyed with the idea of making another beaded needle-case in more of a mermaid theme to go with the Mermaid treasure box, but need to find more appropriate seed beads for it, none of mine match it's colors. But bit by bit I'll have my Mermaid collection of sewing trinkets, which only seems fitting as the Mira Mermaids grace my bedroom now and that's where I do the majority of my stitching anyway.
And it's been really fun keeping an eye out for designs that would work for this plan lol.


Charbsandthebumpydog said...

you are such a creative person, my creativity tends to stop at following other peopples chart. I admire your abilities and can wait to see a picture.