Monday, February 14, 2011

Waiting sucks

and I hate doing it! But it'll be so worth it once my stuff comes and I can finally start. In the meantime I've been plugging away at the Nessessaire but it's been sparse, the 32ct is not the greatest for working on in the evenings. Since this week promises to be nuts I think I'll get Beltane out for some easy progress.


Rachel said...

I take it you are waiting for your Chatelaine supplies? I know I am, and I hate the wait! The last of my beads should be here by Saturday, and hopefully the remaining threads before that!

Kate said...

Yes, waiting for Swan Lake stuff and it's killing me cuz I have 2 sections to get caught up on and the 3rd will release in 2 weeks. I'm so far behind already!
What one are you starting?

Rachel said...

I am just start Medieval Town Mandala. I have all the Needlepoint Silks, so I started it today. I am still waiting on everything else though.