Monday, February 7, 2011

January report, Febuary hopes

January was a good month stitchy-wise. There was progress on Beltane and My Lady's Garden. There was the start of MLI's Ice Angel, Just a Thought's "Nessessaire Box", and a HD of a scissor fob, whose pics I'm still having trouble getting in here. January also saw the return of Chatelaines to my wishlist and the aquiring of several charts- Alpine Garden, Evening in the Park, Mermaid's Treasure Box, Egypt Garden, Persian Iris Garden, Convent's Herbal Garden, and Stitching Leporello. There are more on the wishlist naturally, but these should keep me busy for a very long time. I'm not sure which one to kit up first, and it'll be a slow process, but after how many years of admiring from afar it feels so awesome to at least have the charts lol.

Now for Febuary plans:

1. Continue to give Beltane a good chance at progress
2. Work on My Lady's Garden
3. Complete several sections of the Nessessaire
4. Begin kitting a Chatelaine. This should become easier as March comes and the
big sales hit my lns.
5. Start a new project just for fun, like a small biscornu or a fob