Tuesday, February 1, 2011

fun little thngs

I spent the weekend learning to do something Ive never
tried before - making a tiny project
instead of a big one. I found it to be so fun to have so quick a happy dance lol! Since discovering biscornus and stitching smalls I have become hooked on having some pretty things to organize my stitching tools, which currently just float in a small pencil case. So yeah, it's time to upgrade. I'm also determined to get some etui kits and build some of those. I just need fabric to do the Just a Thought "Nessessiare" but am doing it in a softer color pallette than the origional, more soft rose, cream, and sage greens instead of the fall colors or purple and yellow. But first I wanna get the Chatelaines going so that is the kitting priority, and when the lns throws some 32ct fabric into the clearence bin I'll start snapping those up too instead of just the 28ct.