Thursday, January 27, 2011

stitchy day

It's your typical January day outside, for my corner of the world anyway, with temps in the teens and flurries. I debated about using my day off for making a run to the lns but decided against it till my Chatalaine patterns come. Besides, my horse Dusty comes back from the trainer on Sunday, so I should pay that bill first lol. So I plan to cozy up with whatever project yells the loudest and a movie and try to ignore the weather outside till choretime. Yesterday I ordered the finishing instructions from Just a Thought for Chatelaine's the Mermaid box and Leporello, and I got Just a Thought's version of the leporello box as well. They are so pretty, and I can't wait to have them done and keep stitching treasures in them. Up till now I had no idea such things existed, except for scissor fobs and needlerolls, but how very elegant. I also have a chart by Jeanette Douglas for Biscournus and those will be fun to make too. But for now I'm gonna go see what's gonna yell to be worked on.