Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I have utterly and completely fallen into the Chatelaine ABYSS. The ones Im still after are so many, but the two that call the strongest are The Chinese Garden that's coming up for a class, and the Swan Lake Mystery. Now they are something I've never undertaken, simply cuz my stitching time can be so haywire. But at the same time they are so gorgeous I hate to think I'll miss out like in the past. So I think I will do some more research on how these work out. My fear is falling behind and missing a chunk of design, so haveta find out how they work exactly.


Rachel said...

I can't help you on how the Classes for the Chatelaines work, but I can empathize with you! I have recently fallen in love with Chatelaine, and have one project almost kitted up, a second waiting, and I am longing to buy the Chinese Garden that starts in April!!! You should stop by and see all the beautiful pieces! It won't help the enabling though, you may want more!!!

Hugs & Stitches,

Kate said...

Lol, I've been haunting every Chatelaine site trying to learn all I can!