Monday, February 21, 2011

progress update

I spent my stitchin time this weekend on the Nessessaire project, thus far one panel is done, the 2nd started, and the misc peices on one peice of fabric are in a scroll frame, mapped out and working up quickly, pin cushion and scissor pocket sections are almost half done. I think they shouldnt take long either, but at the same time once my Chatelaine supplies come it'll be full blast into that. Since the end of the month is always crazy at work I require a non-thinking project to unwind with at night, so it'll be the Ness for awhile.
Beltane saw a little progress over the weekend, and My Lady's Garden awaits for possibly this coming weekend. But not too worried about that far ahead. But I'd like to keep progress on her and give her a weekend once in awhile.