Saturday, March 12, 2011

At long last

I have finally started a Chatelaine! :D ! However it's not Swan Lake-- that stuff still isnt here-- but thanks to Han's conversion of Persian Iris Garden I have officially started it today, on 28ct "Chai Tea" jobelan by wichelt (a pale tan and green, very soft tones and the colors look wonderful on it. I still need to get some of the braids but in the meantime will go far as I can, using Han's version of the solid Silks into DMC, and the overdyeds as called for. I'm anxious to play with all the silks and specialty stitches!
In other news Beltane has seen some great progress and the front skirt is mostly done. Next week will be totally nuts so she remains out where I can work on her as time permits. The Nessessaire has moved off the Qs for Persian and I think I'll put it on scroll bars like its other peice, the Qs kinda rumpled the linen anyway so that will work better.