Thursday, March 3, 2011

playing in stash

:) I spent some time to myself today going thru my stash. OK, I admit there was a motive, but it didnt pan out that I had anything for the Chatelaines lol. But it was still refreshing, like a miser counting his gold lol. I dont know why, but for some reason the Chatelaines are driving me crazy cuz their stuff isn't easy to get and taking forever to get here. Yet I'd get shot if I ordered the kit and hubby saw the bill for it lol. This weekend will be my last freetime one for awhile and I plan to just pull out whatever project I feel like or maybe start one of the Infamous 11 lol.
Tonite I got out my binder of Jeanette Douglas, Sweethart Tree, and Victoria Sampler, just perusing my sampler collection and thinking it'd be fun to play with specialty stitches and get 'warmed up' for when my stuff comes. It's also March now so a good time to do an Irish project. I have done the Irish Blessing Sampler (Sweethart Tree) for a gift, but I've always wanted one for me. However, my Celtic Ireland has reservations for that day lol, since I finally get it off this year from work. So it might be fun to get a sampler set up and make some progress. But anyway, today I got to play in stash. It was something of a band-aid lol.