Wednesday, August 3, 2011

over one

is not my freind!!
Egypt Mandela is in a major flub cuz Im one thread off in the center fishpond. I think I'll haveta get that extra skein of Tropical Sea Gloriana cuz of all the frogging. NOW I know why I swore off over one for most of my projects! When there's alot of it it just doesnt go well for me. Chances are the LLCeltics will be the only projects that get it.


Susan said...

I love the finished look of over-1 but hate the process. That fish pond almost had me throwing things! Hope it's going better today. I'd recommend that second skein of Tropical Sea even if you weren't frogging - I was pretty stingy with my thread and still ran out.

Kate said...

it's got me throwing fits lol. I will havta order that extra thread next time I get to the lns then!

MysteryKnitter said...

One stitch at a time. That is how you reach your goal.