Thursday, October 6, 2011

October Goals

Seems I do better when I have to answer for reaching a deadline lol, so I'm gonna figure out some stitchy goals for Oct.
1. Get some serious progress done on My Lady's Garden
2. Spend some time on a Chatelaine- Probably Persian Iris Mandela since it's the only one I have all the fibers for and my fabric hasnt come for Swan Lake yet (grr!)
3. Finish & mail off a package soon as I get the address for the person
4. Sort the stash out again, that always fires me up

I also hope to get to the lns for some fibers for Greek Mandela since I have the fabric & floss for that and it'd be a fun start. For whatever reason my local lns-es are having trouble getting jobelans and such from europe this year. What the heck is going on?? I wish I could even start Swan Lake but hard to do without fabric lol!


Joysze said...

Have you tried ordering from for the jobelans, Kate?

Good luck with your Oct plans. :)

Kate said...

I havent tried there, hopefully they have the hand-dyed Zweigarts & Wichelts ... hmm will go check! Thanks for the tip :)

Susan said...

You're working on some beautiful pieces. Good luck with your October goals.