Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday...

.. and I'm staying outta the stores lol! I did finsh up some stuff at work to prep for big doings tomorrow but now am home again, home again. By accident I found out there's a sale today at Heaven & Earth designs, so better check out the site for some bargains, as that is what I just did :D ! I think I'm gonna love getting into HAEDs cuz of the detail involved. The only HAEDs I had (till now lol) were "2Crowns" and "Pheonix Rising" and they were gifts from years ago from Kirsten. Now that she's gone and I'm still missing her terribly I decided it'd be a good way to feel connected to her by getting these going. She was a big fan and had several going, and kept encouraging me to try- and finally got me 2 Crowns for XMas one year to break me in, as that was my fav. But I never got around to actually starting it. But no longer, soon as I get the stuff I plan to get going!
HAEDs that are coming are
"La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by Dicksee
"Return to the Sea" by Beirtempel
" Mini Gypsy Firefly" by Stewart
"Winter Wings", Echos of Autumn Mini", "Moon Amethyst Mini," by Nene Thomas
"Fairy Ball" by
"Stairways to Dreams," Aurora Painting the Dawn," "Minerva's Melody", and "Daughter of the Deep QS" by Josephine Wall
"Peacock and Doves in a Garden" by Eugene Bidau.

So now I need to live to be 400 years old but maybe if I get cracking I could do it all in 399... ;)


Kate said...

I bought my first HAED this year too and plan to start it in the new year! 399 years sounds doable :)!

Kate said...

Lol! Show no fear! What charts did you get?