Wednesday, November 30, 2011


has been a crazy week! Now that Thanksgiving is past it's full steam ahead for XMAS- which means xtra craziness to deal with. Needless to say I havent stitched much, Thanksgiving weekend was so nuts I didnt get to it. But I did get over to a fav 'mom & pop" store that miraculously sells dmc for 39cents year round. Not suprisingly they order 600 boxes of it every month. So half of my upcoming HAEDs have thier floss now, still needing to be sorted lol, and I'll get the rest next time I go, as it's about 40 miles away so not exactly just down the street. (But that would be nice!)
At the lns I picked up some different fabrics to try the HAEDs on, 25ct lugana & 18ct davosa. I dont hav a light or magnifyer but it's on my list lol! So I'll see how these go. I have 28ct fabric already but dont like it for alot of over-one. I think a proper light would change that though. I really like how soft the davosa is, I hav finally found the fabric to sub out a couple of kits I love cuz I cant stand to work on aida! I just hope it comes in navy for Thunder Ridge.
Beltane just has the dark symbol of her cape left, and a couple symbols in her skirt left to go, I just need to sit down and do it.
Best of all I finally got rid of crutches yesterday so even though I'm slow I can actually carry stuff and get around!! Merry Xmas to me lol!


Diane (di) said...

Kate I know exactly how you feel. I just want to go stitch, but there was sooo much to do for Thanksgiving and now Christmas. **sigh** Can't wait to see your WIPs though, esp. Beltane. Then I'll be happy dancing with you!! :)

Susan said...

So glad to hear that you're off the crutches! Can't wait to see your finished Beltane.

Kate said...

Thanks! I plan to spend all of Sunday with her :)

nikkin said...

Glad you are getting around and on the mend! I can't believe how cheap floss is at your LNS...I don't think I would ever leave with all the HAED's I have waiting to be kitted up, lol
Can't wait to see your next pic of Beltane, she is beautiful!


Mangogirl said...

life definately gets in the way doesn't it?

MysteryKnitter said...

I am happy that you got rid of the crutches.