Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hermit weekend!

is here again! This round I'll be focusing on my LLCeltic "Beltane" conversion, she's close enuf that I could see a finish before Xmas if I keep at it. She just has the lower half of her skirt & cape to go, & most of the beads. I was doing great on Swan Lake but am missing some threads I need for the gold medallion thing in the center. Hopefully they come next week and I can keep going. In the meantime, Beltane has been getting my attention. Now that football has taken over the tv and I'm still limited what I can do the stitching is seeing progress even if not much else is lol. Boy do I miss my horses!!


MysteryKnitter said...

You must miss your horses a lot. But you must be patient now. One step at a time. Give your body time to heal. You'll be grateful. By the way, I read these in chronological order, so that's why these may be a bit odd, these comments.