Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Survival Celebration

As everyone knows, the last 25 days (or More) are always chaos, mayhem, and even stress- it's all part of it. But today, the 26th, is my annual Survival celebration! That's the day when i get to catch up on all the goofing off I wanna do but never get to during the holiday season. But today's itinerary included one last thing for xmas, hubby's gift! he is so good he didnt mind if it was late, cuz it usually is due to my job. And his gift is usually an oil painting of his cattle. It took 6 hrs to get it this far, and now I haveta let it dry so I can add the light from the lantern. He's very happy with it, the cow is the show heifer from last yr who is due to calve this spring, and she's his favorite. It was so awesome to get the paints out again!! i wish I had more canvases-I'd keep going! But that was 2 birds in one stone, cuz painting is zen to me and now xmas is officially done.
The other bit of my celebration will involve some stitching tonite!
Either a new start or working on HAEDs, not sure yet...
Will get some pics taken to show what a wonderful day today was...


MysteryKnitter said...

Awww! A little one on the way! I mean that animal baby. That sounds sweet. I hope the Grande Finale goes well, when the time comes.